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Monday, March 29, 2004

As Promised here are the rest of my stories. I will try to get more, but most of my students did not show
up for this day. They had a large test that they were studeying for.

Supernatural Writing Brush:

Long Long Ago, there was a smart boy named Ma Liang who lived in a tiny village. He liked drawing pictures
very much. But he was so poor that he had not enough money to be able to persure a painting career. In
spite of the fact that he had no teacher or writing brush, he kept drawing on the ground with sticks whenever he was free. Day after day, he never stopped and always practice with his stick. He developed a
wonderful talent for drawing, and he grew into a wonderful artist of sand painting. One day, and old man with a long white beard came up to Ma Liang. He said, Good Boy, I have seen your wonderful paintings, and because of your persistence and talent, I have decided to give you a Magical Paint Brush. Whatever you draw with it, will become real and be part of this world. The old man told him that he could draw anything which he liked, but his only stipulation was that he could not draw for the rich, and you are the only person who can draw with it. Ma Liand accepted the brush then wanted to thank the old man, but when he turned around the old man had disappeared. Ma Liang went to the field, and he saw that farmers
were working very hard. Felling sympathy for them, he drew a cattle to help the men. Just as the old man had said, the cattle became real, and the farmers rejoiced in astonishment. He then drew a pump to help the poor obtain good water. News quickly spread around town of Ma Liang's magical brush, and when the head official heard the news, he had Ma Liang arrested. He ordered the boy to draw him a golden hill, or he would kill him. The official was a very bad man and always oppressed the working people and the poor. After thinking for a very long time, Ma Liang agreed, and he painted the man a Mountain of gold. The first thing which Ma Liang painted was a vast sea around it. When the offical saw this, he shouted where is the golden hill. Ma Liang then painted the hill in the distance. The official got angry, and he ordered the boy to paint him some ships. The boy did as commanded, and immediately the official and his attendant rushed onto the ships and began sailing towards the hill. As they began sailing away, Ma Liang drew a strong wind to slow their progress. Later, he painted a storm. As the storm engulfed the ship, the boat capsized and all of the evil people on board drowned. Because of Ma Liang's wisdom, the poor people in the village lived comfortable lives from that day forward.

The Crow and The Fox:

Long Long Ago, there was a Big Tree. On the tree lived a crow, and under the tree was a cave where a fox
lived. The Fox was very lazy while the crow was industrious. Everyday the crow flew far to search for some food. One day the crow was sitting on a branch, with a pieace of meat in her mouth. Just at the same time, the fox came out of his cave, looked up and saw the crow, especially that piece of meat. He suddenly
felt that his stomach was making noises, for he had not eaten anything for several days. He was eager to
get the meat, but it was a pitty that he could not reach it. He pretended to be very friendly and said, "
Dear Mrs. Crow, How Beautiful You Are. Will You Please Give The Meat To Me? I'm Starving to Death. Show Your Mercy Please! On hearing these words, the crow replied with a negative answer. The crow was going to put the meat into her stomach when she heard: Everyone Says That You Have A Sweat Voice. Would You Like To Sing A Beautiful Song For Me? If Possible I'll Be The Luckiest In The World." As soon as she heard these words, the crow was very very happy. She was about to open her mouth to sing when the meat fell down to the mouth of the fox. The fox was glad and went back to the cave to enjoy the meat. The Crow was very very angry, but it was too late. So before her death, she told her unfortunate experience to her child. The little crow promised that he would never believe the crafty fox. Time flew by, and the little Crow had grown into a magnificent bird. He was now able to find food for himself just like his
mother. One day, he was sitting outside his nest, with a piece of meat in his mouth. Just at that time, the
old fox came out of the cave and looked up and caught sight of the yound crow. He saw the meat and said the same words to the crow, but it did not work. The fox did not loose heart. He thought and thought, then all of a sudden, a good idea occurred to him. He became very angry and shouted at the Crow. "You Bad Crow, You Are The Worst Bird Under The Sun. " "No What You Say Is Nonsense," the Crow interrupted the Fox. But Unfortunatly, the Meat fell down to the mouth of the old Fox again. The Crow had once again been duped by the crafty Fox.

The Old Man and The Monkey:

An old man had a monkey. He was very fond of the monkey. The monkey was very clever. When birds came to the garden, he chased them away. He also helped the old man in many other ways. One of the Monkeys primary responsibilities was to keep flies from his Master's face as the old man napped in his chair during the day. One hot afternoon in the summer, the old man was asleep in his chair. A fly came and sat on the end of the old man's nose. The monkey chased it away. Soon the fly came back and sat on the old man's nose again. The monkey chased it away. This continued for five or six times. The monkey at last became very angry. He jumped up, ran to the garden, and picked up a large stone. The next time that the fly sat on the old man's nose. The Monkey hit it hard with the stone. He killed the fly, but unfortunately, he also broke the old man's nose.

Meng Jiangnu and The Great Wall:

2,000 years ago when Qin Shihuang was building the Great Wall, he called upon a young man named Fan
Xiliang to work on the wall. Fan Xiliang refused, so the Emperor forced him to work on the construction of
the Great Wall even on his wedding day. Before Fan Xiliang went away, his bride, a girl named Meng Jiangnu, took her white jade hairpin and broke it into two halves and gave her husband one half as a token of love. Meng Jiangnu waited for her husband at home for five years but did not hear a word from him. One night, Meng Jiangnu had a bad dream. She dreamed that her husband was constantly yelling: " Cold, cold!" She recalled that her husband was wearing very thin clothes. Very soon, she made some padded clothes and set off alone to look for Xiliang. After walking all the way on foot, crossing mountains and rivers, Meng Jiangnu finally got to the construction site of the Great Wall where she was told that her husband had died and was buried under the Great Wall. Hearing this sad news of the death of her beloved, she sat down at the foot of the Great Wall and started crying. She cried day and night, and her wailing made the wall fall. She finally saw her husband's bones under the wall . This made Qin Shihuang very angry, and he ordered Meng Jiangnu to be punished. When he saw the young lady, however, he was immediately attracted by her beauty. He asked her to marry him. Meng Jiangnu had to agree but asked for a grand funeral for her husband. After the funeral, she and Qin Shihuang went for a trip on the Bohai Sea. How could she marry the tyrant who had killed her husband? She could not, so she jumped into the sea unseen by the guards. Now on the shore of the Bohai Sea, beyond Shanhaiguan Pass there are two black rocky reefs. According to legend, the round one is Meng Jiangnu's tomb and the square one is her tomb tablet. Not far from her tomb, a temple was built on a small hill to commemorate the lady of chastity.

How The Dragon Fly Came to Be:

Long Long Ago, in a small Chinese Village, there lived a young couple who were madly in love with each
other. They spent all of their free time together, and counted the days until they could marry. One afternoon while the yound boy worked in the field, his young bride to be was walking into the city along the
mountain trail when she slipped and fell to the bottom of a ravine. When the girl did not return home that
night, her family sent out a search party for her. After searching high and low, a young boy who was
walking along the same path finally sighted her body. The girl was immediatly brought home, but the local
healers told the family that there was nothing that they could do for her. Week after week, the young girl
remained in a Coma, and during this time, her betroved came to her house to visit her every weekend. Finally, after three months of continued grief, the boy pleaded to God to help the girl. Seeing the young man's devotion, God came down and said that he would revive his love, but in return, the boy would have to go away for three years and hide himself among the insects of the countryside until it was time to return. Wanting to protect the young man, God turned him into a new and mysterious type of insect. He gave him wings and a long tail like a Dragon and told him that he would be protected for as long as he stayed away from his beloved. He then instructed the young man to fly into the woods and not to return for three years. The boy did, and he never returned to the village during this time. When the young girl finally awoke, the villagers rejoiced at the miracle. After waiting for her lover for several days, she searched high and low. Unable to find him, she set out to hunt for him across the countryside. After searching for two years, she returned to her village sad and heart broken. After she returned to her village, another young man came calling for her, she politely turned him down several times in a row. Eventually though, the young man's persistence paid off, and loosing faith in her true love, she agreed to marry the man. They planned the wedding on the third anniversary of her recovery. The entire town showed up for the event, and it was to be a spectacular occasion. On this same day, the young dragonfly returned to his
village to be reunited with his beloved. But to his surprise, he saw her in a beautiful wedding dress, and
he became very frantic. He flew around his dearest love many times and startled the young girl as she had
never seen anything like him. Annoyed by the bug's unwanted attention, she caught him and threw him
outside of the room. She then prepared for her glorious wedding day. Frantic the dragon fly flew around the building over and over again trying to get in to see his beloved. But there was no hope. He peered through a tiny crack in the door and saw how happy she was. As the couple came outside, he saw how
excited that his young love was. Heart Broken, he left the village and went to a nearby branch and cried in
grief. At that moment, God came down to transform the young man back into a human. But after seeing how happy his love had been, the young man told God that he did not want to be changed back into a man. He thought that it would upset the girl, and she would be miserable for the rest of her life. He told God to allow him to maintain his present form and to protect him for the rest of his life. God agreed, and then he created several more insects for the man to live with. Giving them wings and a long tail like a Dragon, the insects flew off together into the forest. And that is how the Dragon Fly Came to Be.

A Slap in the Sand and a Stone In the Water.

I was told this story on my hike across the ridge top as the scenery was very desert like. Long Long Ago,
Two very good friends became lost I the desert together. As they wondered through thesand, they thought that they would surely die. After days of walking, one of the friends became frustrated with the
other man as he thought that he was leading him in the wrong direction. They got into a fierce argument, and the man slapped his companion. Shocked, the man remained silent and did not speak to his friend for
the rest of the day. That afternoon, when they were both resting, the man took out a stick and wrote I the sand. On this day, my best friend slapped me in the face. Embarased, the man apologized, and his friend forgave him. The next day, the two companions began their journey again. After walking for half a day, they came upon an Oasis. Delighted, they ran towards the water. Wanting to make up for his mistake, the man whom had slapped his companion, let his friend go into the water first. Unbenonced to him. The water was very deep, and the man fell in and began to drown. Seeing this, the man jumped into the water and saved his friend. That night as they sat around the fire, the man took out a piece of stone and carved in it that today my best friend saved my life. When his friend saw this, he asked his companion why he did not write it into the sand like last time. The man looked at him and said that when a Friend mistreats you, you make your feeling know by writing in the sand. However, your state of anger is not permanent for just as sand, the bad deed will blow away from your memory. However, when a friend does something good for you, it is something that should be written down permanently for everyone to see as it will always stay with you in your mind. With these words, the friends smiled at each other and went to sleep.

The Fat and the Skinny Brother:

Long Long Ago, In a small village, there lived an old man who had two sons whom he worked on his farm with. One of the sons was very industrious and skinny, while the other son was lazy and fat. The old man enjoyed living with his two sons, but he had grown very old and weary. The man eventually passed away, and he left his estate to his two sons. To, the skinny son he left a small plot of land plus his got, chicken, and cow. To his fat son, he left another plot of land plus his oxen. Both of the men were happy, but the lazy brother did not like to work in the field. He sold his oxen and used the money to live off of. The skinny brother used his three animals wisely and had eeked out a meager but rewarding existence for himself. A year or so passed, and the two brothers had not talked with each other. However, on a very warm day, the skinny brother noticed a man walking towards his house. With closer view, he saw that it was his brother. He welcomed his relative with great joy. After the man arrived, they talked and the lazy brother had a curious look on his face. When the skinny brother asked him if there was anything the matter. The fat man opened his mouth and said, I have a plan that will make us both rich. The skinny brothers eyes perked up, and he listened. I think that with both my land and your land, we can grow more crops and produce more food than what we can do on our own. The skinny brother agreed. The fat brother told him that he was not interested in working the land, but he would give him his to use if he got
forty percent of the crop. The other brother thought about it and agree. He then asked the man if he could use his oxen. The fat brother then responded that they had run away. His brother was shocked and asked how he was supposed to manage a farm so large. The man simply told him to use his own animals and strength. The skinny brother said that his animals were not built for such arduous work. The fat brother frowned, and seeing his sadness, the skinny brother said the he would find a way to make due. The fat brother then left and headed out the driveway, and the skinny brother set out to plough his new fields. While his brother slaved away all day, the lazy brother tried to figure out a way in which to increase his fortunes. One afternoon, he came upon one of the old villagers and struck a very good deal with. The fat man promised to sell the old villager his crop for a significant profit. The old man smiled and paid him. He then asked the fat brother whether he thought his sibling could handle such a large farm. The brother said of course. He is a hard worker. With that, the old man went on his way, and the brother went to spend his small fortune. Many weeks had passed, and the skinny brother had worked very hard in his fields along with his animals. He had used his milk cow to plow the field. Unfortunately, she would no long produce mild, so he now got it from the goat. All the animals worked very hard, but the skinny man worked his beloved cow too hard, and on a hot summer afternoon the poor animal feel down and died. In great guilt, he asked god for forgiveness as it was such a horrible plan. He notified his brother of the loss, but the brother was less sympathetic. He told his brother to use the goat. The skinny brother did not want to use the goat as it was his only source of milk, but as he found the work too burdensome. He used the got to help him water the plants. Once again, this was too much for the animal, and he died. In great guilt, he once again asked god for forgiveness. The skinny brother then sent word to his brother that it would be impossible to bring in the crop this year. When the fat brother heard the news, he told his brother that if he died while doing it, it was his responsibility to keep his part of the bargain. With those words, the skinny brother worked day after day in the field doing the painful work. Unfortunately, a great drought hit the area, and all of the water dried up. The fields went dry, and the entire crop was lost. When the fat brother heard the news, he was frightened, He had spent all the money from the old man what would he do. The old man came back to demand his money, but he did not have it to give. The old man then told him that he would have to forfeit the entire farm. He had no choice but to comply. He then went to meet with his brother. His brother was devastated by the loss of the crop, but he said that they could try to do more next year. Until that time, they could live off of the eggs of the chicken. At that moment, the fat brother told him of his deceitful plan and how he had lost the farm. The skinny brother was very saddened, but he forgave his brother. He told his brother that they could live together outside of town with their chicken. The brother having nowhere else to go agreed. Time went by and one evening, the fat brother got very hungry. Seeing the chicken, he could no longer resist the bird. He grabbed a knife and slit the bird's throat then cooked its meat. When the brother awoke to find the chicken missing, he searched high and low to find him. There was no luck. The fat brother spoke not a word. The next morning, the skinny man went out under a tree to pray to go and ask for help. His brother mocked him saying that God would not help him. At that moment, the man stood up, and he head hit a branch.
When it did, some gold fell from the tree. He then shook the tree and much gold fell from its branches.
He gathered it and went to share with his brother. However, when the greedy man saw this, he ran to the
tree and started shaking it. At that moment, rocks fell from its branches and crushed the greedy man. The
skinny brother then took his money and bought back his fathers farm and used the extra money to buy animals. He lived out the rest of his life in happiness working on the farm.

A Friend in Need Is a Friend In Deed:

Long Long Ago, there were two very close friends who swore that they would risk their lives for each other. One day they walked to town together. When they were walking, a big strong bear appeared before the both of them. Seeing the bear's size, one of the men knocked his companion down and climbed the nearest tree. The other friend had no choice but to lie down and pretend to be dead. The bear walked to him and lowered its head to the man's ear for a few minutes then left. The man in the tree climbed down and asked his friend, "What did the Bear say to you?" The other man looked at his companion and said, "the bear simply told me that a friend in need is a friend indeed."

Loyal and Lost Brother:

Long Long Ago, there lived a man and his two sons in a small village. The old man worked the farm with his
two sons. One of the son's was very loyal, but the other was very adventurous. By the time that the men
had grown up, the adventurous son had left home. He went out and traveled the world and worked in various jobs that he could find. The loyal brother stayed home and helped his father on the farm. He lived a simple life, and he eventually married, but his father moved in with him on the farm. One day, after many many years, the adventurous son felt that it was time to return home and see his family. He walked many miles through numerous forests and villages. When, he returned home, the father saw him and rushed to greet his long lost son. He was greatly joyed and wept with happiness. He sent news around the village that they were going to have a large feat to celebrate his sons return. News quickly spread, and it reached the ears of the brother whom had remained loyal all of these years. When he heard this, he refused to go to the celebration for he could not believe that they would have such a large feast for someone that had abandoned him. Everyone in the village went to the feast. When the father did not see his other son there, he walked to the house and asked why he did not go to the celebration. His son looked at him and said how can you have a celebration for him. I have lived here all of my life and worked for you. You never had a celebration for me. The father look at his child and said "all that I own is yours. I love you greatly, but our dear boy had returned to us from what we thought was death. Surely, this is something to celebrate. Hearing these words, the son sobbed then he joined his father and brother at the celebration. It was one of the greatest feats of their lives.

Mulan or Li Ping:

During the reign of Emperor .., A decree was issued for every family to send their sons into the army to help protect the country. In the Li family, they had no son's, so the father was expected to join the army. The only problem is that the father was very old and could not fight. With the threat of being thrown in prision, the man's daughter took his place and dress as a male soldier. The young woman became one of the great soldiers of the King's army. Because of his bravery and skill, the King wanted Li Ping to marry his daughter. Li Ping was introduced to the girl but did not know what to do as they could never be marries. After meeting the Princess, Li Ping eventually told her the truth that he was actually a girl, and they could not worry. Honored by Li Ping's bravery, the princess did not want her new friend to die, so she told the Empress of the younf girl's plight. Hearing the story, the Empress thought that it was very courageous and honerables. She told the King, and the young girl was honored then allowed to return to her family.

How the Peacock got its feathers,

One day God decided that he would allow all the animals to change their appearance if they wanted to. He first went to the dog and asked him if their was anything that he wanted to change about himself. The
dog smiled and said no. I like my appearance, and I am very happy with myself. Maybe, you should ask the
Monkey. He has that tiny head and ugle long tail. God then went to the Monkey and asked him the same
question. The Monkey smiled and replied. No, there is nothing that I would change about myself. I am very
happy, maybe you should go ask the horse. He had such a long snout and the ugly haity tail. God went to the horse and asked him the same question. The horse replied no as he thought that he was a very handsome animal, he told god to go see the elephant, The elephant is very ugly and had that long nose , big body, and tiney tail. He went and saw the elephant and asked him the same questio, but once again he got a negative answer. God asked all of the animals in the land if they would want to change anything about themselves, and they all replied no then sent him to someone else. Now it came to happen that the last animal which he came up was the peacock. During this time, the peacock was a very ugly bird that had no feathers and could not fly. When God reached the Peacock and asked him the same question, the peacock looked down at the ground and replied yes that he would love for god to change his appearance. He said that all of the other animals are so much more beautiful that he was, and he wanted to be proud of
himself. Hearing these words, God asked him what he would like. The peacock simply looked at God and said whatever you think is best. God smiles then created the most beautiful arrey of feathers of every
imaginable color. He then places them upon the peacock and asked him if he liked them. The peacock smiled and said yes. When all of the other animals saw him, he was the envy of every single one. I was then told that it pays to be modest.

The King's Liason:

One time long long ago in the kings court, there lived a beautiful young lady whom was the envy of all the
other girls. She was very beautiful and had the most lovely face that the King had ever seen. The King had
planned on asking the girl to marrying him. Hearing of this, all of the other girls became very jellous, but
their was nothing that could be done. The young girl's best friend made an arrangement for she and the king to meet. The met and had a wonderful time. The next morning. The best friend told the young girl that the king thought that she had a very ugly nose, and she should try to cover it the next time that they were together. She agreed, and the girl planned another meeting for the two. The met and had a wonderful time. The next morning the King called the best friend to his throne and told her that he really liked the young girl but did not understand why she kept covering her nose. The young woman looked at the king and said " it is because she thinks that you stink." Hearing this, the King proclaimed "that audacious slut." I will fix her. The king ordered the girls nose chopped off. The best friend married the king and became the queen. She kept the girl on as her servant, and the young lady was never any the wiser. She always believed that the king had disliked her nose.

Once upon a time, there lived a pig, a hen ,and a bird living in a small home on the side of the mountain. A
fox had came to know of the three animals, and he frequently thought of devouring them for his dinner.
One day, the fox encountered a large wolf who was very very hungry. The wolf intended to eat the fix, but the sly fox told the wolf that he had not enough meat on his bones, but if he could hold out for a little
while, he would take them to a place where the wolf could enjoy a very large meal. After awhile the wolf
agreed, and the started on their way. Before they arrived to the house, the bird spotted the pair and
flew home and informed the others. The locked the door and prepared well to fight their attackers. At first, the fox knocked heavily at the door but there was no reaction. Then, the wolf discovered a narrow passage with access to the house. He put his paw through the crack and intended to open the door. The hen seeing this, bit the wolfs hand until it bled. The wolf screamed loudly, but the fox didn't frighten. He tried it again, this time, the pig saw the fox, and he lit a fire and put it on the foxed paw. The fox felt the
fire burn his hand, and he screamed in agony. The fox ran off, but the wolf was still hungry. He chased
after the fox, and the animals never seen the pair again. The lived happily ever after.

I must say that it is truly nice to take your clothes to the dry cleaners and have them done for you. I went
to the dry cleaners this morning and dropped off twelve shirts and pants and had them done for seven
dollars. I am sure that this is a little steep, but I did not care as I have no Iron in which to iron them
with. I then went to the grocery store and bought some food supplies. The people there think that I am crazy as I buy fifteen bottles of water every time that I go. I go about every two to three days. They really
just stare when I walk up to the cash register. I bought one of my favorite foods for breakfeast while I
was there. There are these wonderful breaded breads that they bake, and they are lightly sweet when they
are warm, and they are simply fantastic. Everyone bakes them. You can get them everywhere, and I love
them. They are very long like a French braided hair. They are a wonderful flavor. I then came home and put
everything away. At that time, I have Laura my itinerary. She looked a little amazed, but she liked it. I asked her if I could get refunded for my ticket next month for travel money, and she said that she would try. I think that she is going to. I am not going to bail out on her, and I think that she knows that. However, I am not sure if I am going to stay for another semester. I have a lot of thinking to do. The
situation all depends on whether I get into graduate school or not, and I hope that I get in. We talked
then I came home. Now, I did not buy my cakes at the little store for my breakfeat as I wanted to diversify
and try others. I walked all the way across town about an hour walk and went to the large supermarket and picked up five new types. Hopefully, they will be good. I also picked up some cookies that were made out of Pinapple. I really thought that they would be fantastic, but they were just soso. I did pick up some
chocolate marshmallow cookies that are simply to die for. After picking up my food, I then walked by this
ceramic market that was setting up. I figured that it must be a festival. I walked by and looked. They were
taking all of these huge vases out of these layers of hay in which they were stored. There were all shapes
and sizes of vases, plates, and figurines. They were simply stunning. If I could transport them, I would
bring some home with me, but as some of the vases were taller than me, I did not think that this was
feesable. Many of them were delicate and stunning. I left there then caught the bus home as my blister that busted was hurting. I got here and unloaded my loot then headed next door to get some lunch. I decided on the mushrooms and vegetables. It was O.K., but I would have rather had the aubergine. It was mushrooms with spinach, celery, and onions. It did not taste bad, it just was not what I was xpecting. I liked it though. I then came home and prepared my travel plan to XiAn this weekend to go see the Tarracotta warriors. I then went and taught my two classes. It had turned so damn cold outside. I ran back in and go my Parka. I then went and had my class. There is nothing like hearing a bunch of Asian girls singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or London Bridge is Falling Down. We had a lot of fun though. They liked learning all of our Nursery Rhymes. I typed up about sixty and gave them to the class to learn how to say in an effort to work on their pronunciation. It went farley smooth. I am now home and preparing myself for bed. It was an intresting day.


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