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Thursday, March 11, 2004

The Chinese language has four tonal levels, and I can not diferentiate between them more or less be able to mimic them. I am a little angry with Laura as she was supposed to help me with my Chinese, but she did not, so I went to the English Departments Office and Mrs Yee helped me with my pronunciation, but she kept telling me to pronounce it differently than Laura, so Beijing with be interesting tomorrow as I attempt to maneuver my way around the city. I am going to try and stay at one of the hostels there as they seem to be the cheapest. Unfortunately, I will be getting there at 6:00, so if the one that I am hoping for is full then I may be searching in the dark which is a little nerve wracking to me. I have been mailing looking at my lonely Planet Map of Beijing today. I hope that it is correct as I will be depending upon it. If I get lost, I guess that I will get a Taxi. Had the most Amazing lunch today although my stomach has been in terrible pain ever since. All of the Chinese here say that beef has too strong of a flavor for them to eat. And to be honest, I really did not understand what they meant until I ate lunch today. Looking at my translated menu, I saw the words beef, so I decided to give it a try. When I ordered, the waitress gave me a strange look, and I really did not know what for. I waited and sat patiently drinking my tea then all of a sudden, the cook comes out with this large skillet of sizzling beef. It was covered with a lid as the grease and oil was popping and splattering everywhere. It was a little much before I knew it, my whole table was simply covered in grease splatter, and after it stopped popping the waitress opened the lid and brought me my rice. I then grabbed my chopsticks and began to sample the marvelous delicacy, and it was wonderful, but I must say, it was the strongest tasting beef that I have ever tasted in my life. It was almost overwhelming to my senses. I am not sure what spices that they used to cook with, but they were something powerful. I managed to only eat half the plate of beef as it was just too strong, but I enjoyed it thoroughly. I then came home and grooved to Madonna's Music C.D. I like most of the songs except her rendition of American Pie which is simply awful. I do not know what in the fuck that she was thinking. I opened up all the curtains and windows in my apartment and turned the music up as loud as I could and danced in the middle of my room. I am sure that my neighbors were all confused. I then sat down and did research on Beijing. Oh well, I must do some more research. Talk to you later,



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