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Friday, March 12, 2004


I am in Beijing right now. Extremely tired at the moment. I arrived several hours ago. It has been an
interesting day. It started out with teaching my students this morning. I sand them a song then one of
my students came up to serenade me back. She was singing Richard Marx. She started to stumble on her
words and forget, so I san with her then the class joined in, and we sang. Where ever you go Whatever you do. I will be right here waiting for you. I left there then read some of their environmentalist signs. They
were great. The best was a tree that had been cut down and it was the stump. The stump had an ax in it, and it was bleeding from the ax then it was crying tears of blood. Then, there was a tree that had been cut
down and the nest had fallen out of the tree. The eggs had all been smashed, and the mother bird was flying away crying tears of blood. I then left and went home and ate some snacks. I then met Laura, and we went to the train station. She saw me off as she was extremely scared for me, and I know why now. I got on the train and came here. I sat with many young people they were pretty funny until they started to make fun off me then I just wanted to tell them to fuck off. The mountains were beautiful though. I got to Beijing and tried to walk to find the Hostel, but that was not working, so I took a taxi. I got there, and the hostel had been shutdown. I was ready to freak out, but I looked in my lonely Planet and found another one. I got a Taxi to take me to it. I signed in and met a Mexican. We went and ate a huge plate of noodles for super. We walked around the city and rode the subs and went to Tienammon and the Forbidden city. We then came back. I am now getting ready for bed. I go to the Great Wall tomorrow. Talk to you later.


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