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Tuesday, March 23, 2004


Finally got my e-mail fixed yesterday. It sure did take a long time. Laura and I worked on it all day. She finally told the computer technicians to come and fix it, and they did. I had an amazing lunch of chicken with cooked cucumber, heart of palms, and a strange but delicious mushroom. It was absolutely fantastic. My class was very small last night. Most of them were out taking a computer test, but I heard some very
interesting stories. The best was the story of the Chinese Valentines day. It is held on the Seventh Day of the Seventh Lunar Month. It involves a you boy named OX boy and the weaving fairy who was the youngest of God's seven daughters. She was the best weaver in the world. My student is supposed to write and e-mail me the story. It was really amazing. She was very good, she spoke for about twenty minutes. There was another story about the origin of the dragon fly which I like. A young couple was in love then the girl got sick and was in a coma. The boy being in great despair asked God to help the girl. God came down and said that he would revive her, but the boy would have to go away for three years and live as an insect. The boy agreed and God turned him into a dragonfly. The girl was revived, and she waited looked for her lover for several years. During this time, a young boy came calling, and she eventually gave into him figuring out that her love would not return. The dragon fly came back the day that they were to be married, but he could not be human for another year. He flew around the couple very franticly to stop them, but it was no use. They caught him, and not wanting to hurt him since he was so beautiful, the threw him out the door. He flew around the church then found that it was futile. He landed on a tree limb and cried in despair. The next day God arrived and asked him if he wanted to be turned back into a man. Knowing how happy his love was, he thought that it would only hurt her, so he asked God to allow him to remain a Dragonfly. God agreed, and he created several more dragonflies and allowed them to remain on the earth. There was another one about a rock formation in a city with a young girl whose husband died on the great wall. She waited but never heard the news. After waiting for so long, she
turned to stop in despair. There was one more good one about how the peacock got its beautiful feathers.
I will try to write them all down and send them to you.



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