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Sunday, March 28, 2004


I hope that your day went well. Mine was less exciting than yesterday, but it was still good. I woke up and
read the news as is normal with my morning ritual. I have grown very tired of the dreariness of the press.
It is just a little overwhelming to read every morning. I then decided to go out and explore the city. I went to the market and looked around. I love to see all the different fruits and vegetables and all the fast foods and fish and other meats and nuts hanging everywhere. I think that it is very beautiful for some reason. I then came back and decided to eat some lunch as I was very hungry. I splurged and had beef in Oyster sauce. It was 18 Yuan which is a little steep. $2.50, but I was craving some beef at the moment. It was really delicious. It had onions and bell peppers in it, and it was like eating beef tips with rice. Oh how wonderful. I am also at the point now where I simply crave plain rice all the time. I can not eat without it. Most Chinese do not care for it when they go to restaurants as they eat it everyday, but I crave it. I then set out to go Mountain climbing. Now I simply have to state that I know that all countries have a problem with litter, but China has a litter epidemic. The shit is everywhere, and I really want to say. Pick up the fucking garbage because it is polluting everything and it is ugly. Trash is simply everywhere when you leave the main street. It fills up the rivers, canals, ditches, its under people's houses, and blows in the field. I really just want to scream when I see it everywhere. I finally got to the spot where I wanted to go, but I noticed that there had been several landslides recently, and I was not looking to be buried under rock. I went to another trail and hiked up, but then I could not find anymore trails. I eventually found one, but my stomach then started cramping, so I decided to forgo the experience. I went exploring some side streets and picked up several note books in order to get my students to write down as many of their traditional tales as they could think of. Several men stopped me while I was walking. I did not have a jacket on, and I was in short sleeves. This seemed to shock them, but it was rather warm outside. They all rubbed my arms. They then started picking at my hair and laughing. He showed me his arm. It had little hair. I suppose to him I looked like a Grizzly Bear. However, I have very little hair on my arms and what I do have is blond. They joked with me then I went on my way. I returned home and took a nap as I did not feel well then woke up and went out again. My feet were in terrible pain as a blister formed then popped. It was in terrible pain. I walked for about a mile and looked at shops. I went into a music store and became terribly excited when I saw a Chieftans C.D. I looked around then saw two more. I could have jumped for joy. I have been wanting two of them for a long time, but as all of you who are Chieftan Fans know that their C.D.'S are quite expensive. They tend to be between fourteen and eighteen dollars. I was so excited. I bought all three for sixty yuan. This was once again steep, but it was only a little over seven dollars. The music on them is great. I walked some more then decide to catch the bus home as my foot was hurting and my legs have been weak today for some reason. There is really no reason which worries me a little. My feet always hurt, but my legs are extremely strong and can withstand anything. Today, they have just felt like jello.


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