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Thursday, March 04, 2004


Not much news to report on today. It snowed briefly for about an hour, and it was very beautiful. A nice little flurry. The first time since I have been here. Did not do to much today except teach one class. I
walked down to the market and bought a few food supplies. I had a fantastic breakfast. A pineapple
flavored cake roll with a glass of milk. Absolutely, fabulous. I also ate an amazing egg plant dish for
lunch today. It was egg plant, tomatoes, and green bell peppers covered in a sweet and sour sauce. It was
delicious, but ordering it was an experience. The restaurant that I went to was across the street, and
they were filled, but she kept motioning me to order, so I did. I paid her then she told me to go home. At
this point, I was confused and just wanted my food. Finally, I figured out that she meant that she would
deliver it to my home. Thirty minutes later I heard my door bell ringing and there was a little Asian
woman holing a porcelain plate of food for me. I thanked her, and she scurried back to the restaurant.
I ate in a hurry as I had to get to my class. I not understand why the Chinese do not mix there rice with
any of there dishes. It makes it too hard to pick up with the chopsticks. The way that they cook it, you can pick it up easily, but if you mix it in with any other foods, you can barely pick it up at all. Chinese people never mix there rice with anything. They never mix there noodles either. Although you can eat some salty things with noodles. Either way, my lunch was delicious. The only problem is that I was left with that plate. I was not sure what the custom was, so I gave it a thorough washing and took it back
to them. They gave me a cute smile. I did not need my food handlers thinking that I was a china thief. I
have been watching some Chinese T.V, and it is very beautiful. I especially like Chinese Music Videos.
They are stunning and show lots of scenes of natural areas as well as many of the ethnic minorities. It is
really something to behold. The music tends to sound a little like Classical, but I like it. There are a variety of T.V. programs. I just do not understand most of them. They are intriguing to watch. Many feature dance performances that I can only describes as Disney meets Vegas meets China. They are something to behold. They also have a lot of cartoons, but they are just too funny to watch as Popeye and Brutus babble in Chinese. Its too much. They have a lot of period dramas and cooking shows as well as travel shows. Soap Operas come on during the daytime and are just as ridiculous as ours. They also have what looked to be a Chinese Will and Grace. The one man was obviously Gay as the other man kept mocking him, and the woman was intrigued, but did not want him to touch her. The gay man was a flaming Asian. Speaking of Queer Eye for the Asian Guy, I think that there are some Gay beauticians
down the street from me. I can not tell, but they are all men and wear designer clothes. They all have blond streaks in their hair and act very arts. They might not be, but they surely seem to be. I have not seen any other Asian men with blond streaks, and they all get many glares as people pass by them. Who knows, China just keeps astonishing me on a daily basis. Everything is an adventure and a learning experience. I like it here a lot. I just can not wait for the weekend, so I can do my own adventure seeking. I am going to go to several more temples. I will try to go to Beijing next weekend, but if not that weekend, then the next. I am going to try and find someone to go with me. If I can not find anyone then I am just going to wing it. Oh well. I will talk to you tomorrow. Drop me a line and let me know how things are going. Christopher


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