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Monday, March 22, 2004

I have been working all morning on trying to get onto the internet. Apparently, they have changed everyone's IP Addresses for some reason, so I got a new one. The only problem is that they gave me someone's old one, and I can not get onto the internet until they change their address. Calling up Laura to get her to help me, she got a little frustrated and said screw it. She gave me her I.P. address, and I can now access the internet. I just have to sign on which does not bother me. The connection seems to be a little faster as well. Yesterday was very tiring. I caught my train home which I had to wake up at 5:00 A.M. to do. Got here and showered then ate my wonderful lunch of Mutton. I almost had cold beef, but the waitress pointed to the top which said cold, so I luckily got a hot place of warm spicy mutton. It was absolutely delicious. If I would have gotten some nasty cold beef at my favorite restaurant, I am not sure what I would have done. Three strikes in a row, and I might have just been out of luck. I was already starving as it was. Luckily, I got this very delicious plate of peppered mutton which was fabulous. I ate it all up along with my bowl of rice. Laura then called, and I had to go to the Police Station withy her. My resident Permit had arrived, and I had to go with her to pick it up. The police office is interesting. There are lots of Hawaii Five O looking detectives working on their computers and talking on the phone. I was a little intimidated though as it was taking so long, but they finished, and I now have two Chinese looking Passport documents. One red the other green. I have to carry both with me at all times just in case I am stopped for inspection. I of course have to have my passport with me at all times which makes for a large cargo of documents which I must carry with me. Leaving her, I went and bought groceries. Came home and ate a pastry as I was still a little hungry. I then went and taught my class. They had to tell me their favorite folktale or childhood stories. It made for an interesting class. One girl told me her version of Mulan which is called Li Ping. Similar to the Disney version except the ending. She takes her fathers place, so he does not have to go to prison. She pretends to be a guardsman, and the King respects her greatly. He thinks so highly of her that he wants her to Marry his daughter. After meeting the daughter, Li Ping tells the girl the truth. Respecting her honesty, the daughter tells the story to the empress, and the empress helps her find amnesty with the king. She can then go home and be with her family. There were some really great stories that I made them give to me, so I could have for my own family one day. There was one about the fairy swans, and a young boy. They only appeared on the fifth of January. Everyone in town thinks that the boy is crazy until he tells them to go look. They follow, and some other men have bows and arrows and kill all the fairies. Horrified by this, the boy jumps into the lake and drowns himself. As a punishment, the lake went dry, and in the spot where they died, a rock in the formation of a toad now stands. There was another story about a king who liked a young princess, and the person who is the go between is jealous, so she makes it where the pretty girl gets her nose chopped off. My favorite was about a little rabbit and a snow man. The little rabbit gets caught in a house which is on fire, so the snowman rescues him but dies in the process. The rabbit cries, but the mom said not too worry for every year the snowman came to visit them at winter time. There were two others about a bear and about the reason why men live to be eighty that I borrowed. I really enjoyed them. I will type them up and send them to you. I have several more classes, so between now and then I may have many more. Oh well, I must go. Your Friend,


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