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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

It is interesting how Mom's always seem to know what there children would need. And once again, my mother knew exactly what I would be needing. Three weeks ago when I started packing to come to China my mother insisted that I pack many things which I did not believe that I would need. Interestingly enough, I have used many of the them. However, the one item that I did not expect to use at all has come in the most handy of all. I remember when my mom packed it, I simply said that I do not have room for it, but she insisted. She actually made me pack two, and on last Sunday and again today, I have needed my flashlight. For on these two days, the power has mysteriously went out for two city blocks. I asked my students if this occurred very frequently, and they said no that it rarely occurs at all. I found this very odd, and I especially found it strange since the two times that it has happened has been at the exact moment that I have hit my open C.D. door button on my computer after I have had a C.D. playing for a long time. This may be a coincidence, but the power outage may accidentally be my fault as well. I sure hope not as I do not want thousands of Chinese people who live on these two very large city blocks to be angry at me. I do thank my mother for my flashlight as it helped my find my way up the side of the Mountain, so I could climb the millions of stares to get to my classroom. On the way there, I was a little terrified as the power was out, and in the Mountains, I could see gun fire and hear explosions. I thought, oh my God is China at war. Then, I remembered that there is a military training base here, and they were probably just doing their
practice. It was a little scary though. I got to class and waited with my students for the power to come back on and about thirty minutes later it was restored. We had class and enjoyed ourselves greatly. I have one student who believes that she has something in her touch which kills cats. Do not ask me how this came up, but she said that when she was younger, she found a kitten and picked it up then a little while later it died. She was scared to touch another cat again until her parents got one, and she accidentally killed it as well. When she got it, the cat ran from her and hid in the stove. She forgot to get it out, and the mother accidentally killed it by burning it. She never touched another cat again. However, her parents just got one. When she went home over break, she played with it, and it slept with her, and it survived. She is now a happy cat lover again. I just want to know who eats those damn whole fried cats in the market. They are a little much to look at. Speaking of meals, I ate prob ably one of my best meals today. Mainly because it reminded me a lot of American Chinese. It was little chunks of pork fried with bell peppers. Oh got it was so good. I also had a different kind of rice. Never had it before although I think that it is the same type of rice that the rice porridge is made out of. It was not too bad. Interestingly enough, while eating, I figured out why my Foreign Affair Director was so excited to show me the new color T.V. that I have in my room. While we were eating lunch, the waitress and cook were watching
some soaps. They were trying to change the channel, and they had to use the wires to change it. It looked a little dangerous to me, but they would take the wires and connect it with other ones to change the channels as well as turn up the volume. It was interesting to say the least. On some channels the T.V. had colors and on others it was in black and white. The T.V. looked as if it was made in the late 70's. I enjoyed my meal and everyone is becoming used to my company. A lot of people frequent the restaurant as it is owned by a woman, and they want to help one of their fellow sisters. Today has been a rather slow day. I actually had another small scare as I had to go apply and send off for my resident permission at the police office today. This was fine as Laura went with me, but when she handed the man my information and passport, he got a curious look on his face then started asking lots of questions. Before I knew it, the whole damn police station was talking about something. I not knowing any Chinese other than hello and how much was a little frightened. However, all ended well. Apparently, the photo that I brought was too small, and they did not know what to do, so they were asking everyone. All was averted, and I left a very relieved man. In order to wind down from the experience I went and bought two C.D.'s. The first was Madonna's Music C.D. I did not really care for this album, but it was English, and it was a dollar. The second was the Eagles Greatest Hits album, and it is awesome. They are both the real things, and I paid a total of two dollars and thirty cents for them. I am going to go get Avril Lavines and Michele Braqnches C.D.'S tomorrow. They are a little more expensive at two dollars a piece, but I need music. Hopefully, listening to it, will not force my power to go out. Oh well, it is late, and I must got to bed. Talk with you tomorrow.



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