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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Today my weekly assignment in my classes went from the Brother's Grimm to simply grim in their themes. Most were actually fine and interesting. There were some that were great as my other classes had been. I
especially liked the one about why bats sleep in the day and work at night. It was a creation myth about
the origins of the Night Time. There was also some others that I liked that involved Buddhism. Then there
were the ones that were simply off the wall. The most intriguing was written by one of my students, and it
was about a young girl who fell in love with a boy then one day she saw him kissing another boy. At this
time, I corrected her and said you mean another girl, and she said no he is a homosexual and giggled along with the rest of the class. Noticing the boys homosexuality, she wants to kill herself, so she
catches a ride with a man on a motorcycle to go drown herself in the sea. During this time, they fall in
love, but the girl realized that her family would not accept this rebel boy, so they drive their motorcycle
over the bridge and kill themselves together. This was fine, I thought that it was a little peculiar, but it
was her unique folktale which she made up. I gave my students a break after this one, and the next question out of someone's mouth was can you tell me what 69 means. I simply did not know how to even respond. I asked her what she meant. She said that she had heard it in a movie, and they kept saying it over and over, and she wanted to know what it meant. A little anxious about talking about sex, so I just said that it means something bad and not very good. She smiled and was satisfied with the answer. Most of the other stories were cute, and I have copied them down, but I was happy to finish with my morning class. Coming home, I managed to watch a very bad English movie called Soul Mate. It was about soul music and people falling in love and finding their dreams. It was all a little strangle, and I could not figure out why it was on Chinese T.V. as I had never even heard of it before. I found it strange but enjoyed it as the last movie I watched was the Passions of Christ which my roommate in Beijing bought off the street for a dollar. We watched it on his computer. It was a good Pirated movie except in two parts, you see the shadows of people getting up from their seats to get popcorn. I spent the rest of the day planning my future trips to other areas. My last two classes of the evening were also filled with gloom and doom. Lots of suicidal girls being rescued by friends. Some stories with Communist themes on why work is so joyous, and then their was the all to interesting pro-choice poem which the girl had gotten from her friend and liked a lot. It was being spoken by a fetus to his mother about why she should choose to have him. I thought it was strange but interesting. In addition to this, I have to add that the students have a speaking contest next week for the school. The thing which they have to read is President Bush's inauguration Speech. I thought that it was a little strange. Add to this the creation Myth of Adam and Eve to tonight's stories, and it was like having an Asian Christian Coalition. Actually, it was not bad, it was just interesting. I also learned tonight that apparently, I am a campus sex symbol. Many of the girls told me so. I found this very interesting as I have never been considered a sex symbol before in my life. They think that I am handsome and very cute. Many girls that were not in my class came just to see and hear me. It was a little strange. Several asked me to join them in their apartments. I was not sure how to take that, but I will be avoiding the dorms and apartments of students as I do not want to be put in any misconstrued situation. I think that I am also getting ready to tackle another form of Chinese Media as I was asked by a Reporter today if she could write a story on me. I guess that I can add newspaper to my list of T.V. News and T.V. Advertisement of my celebrity appearances. It is a little strange. I am supposed to go to Twin Pagoda Hill on Saturday with my students. These are actually two stone Monoliths that stick up out of the ground next to one another. We are supposed to pack picnic lunches and hike there. It should be an interesting experience to say the least. Life here can be very strange.



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