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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Wooh Hoo!

I just found out today that we get a seven day vacation the first week of May. I am very excited about this and plan on traveling somewhere, I am just not sure to where I will be going. I must say that I am very excited about it though. They asked if I would teach another two hour class for the teachers. The
will pay me sixty yuan for each hour which I am fine with. They actually wanted it to be on the weekend,
and I simply said no way in hell. I did not use those exact words, but I was very adamant about it. I gave
them two times that they could use for a night class. One of the classes I will read from a textbook and for
the other, I will give them a chance to talk. I am not sure how many people will show up, but as long as I
get paid, I guess that I do not care. I am really happy about my week in May. I am not sure where I am
going to go. I was thinking about the South of China to the Yunnan or Sechwuan Province. They are both
supposed to be very beautiful, and I want to go to these areas greatly. I am getting paid on Thursday, so
I think that I will be going to Beijing again for the weekend to do a little more sightseeing. It rained
this afternoon, and the rain smells so fresh. It is absolutely amazing. God, it felt so good outside. Very
freeing. At the news of getting paid, I went and bought three new C.D.'s. The Cranberries, The Best of
Paul Simon, and Michele Branch. Paid a total of five dollars for all three. I am loving this cheap C.D.
thing. I could really get used to this. My choices were the only interesting English ones that I could find that I would like. This is out of a choice of Celine Dion, Mariah Carry, The Back Street Boys, Will Smith, and J.Lo. I could not go there, so I took the lesser of several evils. Strangely enough, the Michelle Branch C.D. does not sound too bad. If I need another fix, I will try to find some other good titles that simply are not Pop. I am really glad that the Chinese do not like Rock. Rock Albums at least that is what they call them are the cheapest while the pop is ridiculously expensive. Oh well, I need to get ready to go to class. Talk with you later.



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