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Saturday, March 13, 2004


Today was absolutely my best day in China. It was truly fabulous. I woke up this morning to do the Great Wall of China tour. The Mexican was supposed to come with me, but I guess he was too tires as we
stayed out until around midnight last night. It was O.K. as I joined the tour and met four of the most
amazing young ladies that I have ever met in my life. The first two were Ecuadorian Americans. There names were Celia and Lorrie. They were raised in New York, Turkey, and of course Ecuador. Both are somewhat like gypsies as they have lived and worked all over the world. I really like Lorrie aka Lolo. She is a very hippy esque girl. She is a snow board instructor who came here with her sister, but is going to Chile, Peru, and Ecuador for several months with their brother. The girl has been and done everything. She is really beautiful. I have a small crush. The other two girls were Asian. Their names were Norio and Can. The first was from Japan and the later from China. They were both great as well. I think that Can had a small crush on me. She was a wonderful person. We talked and got to know each other. She is a news reporter from Shanghai. She has been all over China and done a great number of things. I enjoyed her company. The ride to the great wall was beautiful but similar to where I live. The drive took two hours and once again I felt as if I might die in the horrendous traffic, it was more than worth it. We got there, and I was blown away. It was all the original structure, and the views were expansive. We walled up one level at a
time. The stares were incredibly steep. 70 degrees at some points. Oh man, I got my work out. There were
resting points in between all the guard towers, and we all made sure to rest. We walked forever on the wall
until we got to the point that was impassable as it went over very dramatic cliffs. We then stopped and ate
our picnic lunch. Oh my god it was so incredible. The wall seemed to go on forever. We eventually started
back down. Lorrie and I got separated from the others, and we did a lot of talked. We then got lost and ended up at a place where you could glide down the mountain and across the river similar to the rainforest glides, but from the top of a Mountain that was as high as the rockies. You glide over the mountain then over a very large rive. She got harnessed up and went first. I then said what the hell as it was only four dollars and harnessed up my self. They hooked me up the glide wire and down I went. It was so much fun. The best part was gliding over that crystal blue water. It was just an amazing view. We got to the bottom then had to hike through the muck of the river. It was a little disgusting. We got to the bottom, and I bought a few souvenirs. We talked until the others arrived then our driver picked us up. We all passed out on the way back as we were simply exhausted from the climb. We then came back and went and ate at the Beijing Duck restaurant. The two Asians and I had duck, but the two sisters were vegetarian. We enjoyed ourselves, and it was a lot of fun. A little expensive though. Seven dollars is a little step. Very fancy though. We then all got back and got ourselves tickets to the Opera. It was more like a Kung Fu/ Acrobatics/ Singing Show. It was very unique to say the least. It ended then we came back. I am not getting ready for bed. I am extremely tired. It was been an amazing day though. One for which I shall never forget. Talk to you later,


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