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Sunday, April 11, 2004

I am going to start out today simply by saying that I
love riding a motorcycle. There is simply nothing like
it. It is truly one of the best feelings in the world
to be on the back of a bike and have the wind blowing
through your hair. Today has been an intresting Easter
for me. One of my most unique ever. I have had nothing
which would remind me of a traditional Easter other
than my Vampire bunny yougart drinks, but it has been
wonderful all the same. I must also mention one other
thing. I love Chinese people. They like to feed me for
which I am very grateful. Well, I guess that I will
give you a synopsis of my day. It started out with me
stumbling out of bed at eight o’clock in order to
clean my house before my company came. I was doing
pretty good until I got a phone call from some other
students who were wanting to come over and visit. I
told them that it would be all right, so I literally
cleaned my room in about fifteen minites then changed
into some shorts and a nice shirt. I met them at the
front gate of my apartment then they came in, and we
talked. They looked at my photos and all of my loot
from my journey. It was great, and we had a fantastic
time. My other friends then came over, and we talked.
I let them listen to some bluegrass music. I am not
sure who they felt about it. My two girls who were
here to teach me how to make dumplings left, so they
could pick up everything. In the mean time, I visited
with the other girls for awhile longer then sent them
on there way. The other girls came back with pork
filling and dough along with a huge cutting board and
Chinese rolling pins. We then began to make dumplings.
We took the dough and rolled it out into circles then
took the pork filling and placed it into the middle.
At that time, you close it up by three different
methods. The first is to make like an Emplenada, the
second is to put another dumpling over the top and
seem the two pieces together until it looks like a
sunflower, and the third is to fold the edges into one
another by gathering them. Those are very hard, but
they look really beautiful. I must say that all of my
dumplings looked terrible. The girls were very pretty,
but my looked ugly. We then put some water on to boil
and places the dumplings in the wok. It did not take
long, and the first batch was finished. Four batches
later, and we were ready to eat. There was so much
food. You take the dumplings and put them into a black
vinegar sauces which is just fantastic. We ate and
talked while we listed to music. After wards they
helped me clean up. They did not want me to do
anything as they believe that it is not the mans
responsibility to do the housework. But, I insisted.
After we cleaned up, they had to leave for another
appointment. I did some mopping then decided to go for
a long walk. This turned into a two hour jaunt. I
walked down to the market and down by the river. All
of the flowers are in bloom, and they are simply
stunning. I wondered around some of the street vendors
and enjoyed myself. Now, I must say this. If I thought
that I stood out before, it really got even worse
today as I dawned my shorts for the first time. People
kept staring and looking. I am just happy that they
did not come up to feel on them. I eventually came
home and not five minutes later, my door bell rang. It
was a neighbor. He was the man whom I met on the
train back from Beijing. He wanted to hang out with
me. He decided that we should go for a walk. My legs
were sore, but I agreed. We went back down by the
river and talked and enjoyed the view. At this time,
the young boy genius and his father pulled up on their
motor bicycle and came to invite me for dinner. I have
not figured out how to tell anyone no, so I agreed.
They sped off then my neighbor and I walked all along
the river then into the mountains by the monk peek. He
took my by a beautiful dilapidated Mosque or Church. I
have not decided which one it was yet. We then walked
through a nearby village. He bought me a sweet potato
which I really did not want, but ate anyways so I
would not seem rude. At some point, I became tired, so
we caught the bus back. We went up to his apartment,
and he showed me pictures of his wife and child. He
also gave me both walnut and almond milk. I must say
that I am not a fan of wither of these. At around
seven, we came back down and I showed him some
pictures. A little later, I was picked up by the
genius boy’s father. Hopped on the back of his
motorcycle and we drove through the town to his
apartment. I love the wind when it whips through your
hair on a motorcycle. You feel so free. We got there,
and they showed me how to play Chinese Chess. Then we
ate this huge feat. We had rice, fish, pork and
potatos, cabbage, peanuts, and these black noodles
with black pork in them. They were the most intresting
noodles every. They had the consistence of Spaghetti,
but they had a licorice flavor to them that made it
one of the most unique dished that I have had in
China. After eating diner, we drank tea, and I took
lots of photos with friends of the family who had come
to meet me. We then watched a Chinese dating game and
played Ping Pong for several hours on end. At around
9:40, I hoped on his fathers motorcycle and came home.
It was an amazing feeling beyond any compare. He
dropped me off, and I am now geting ready for bed. I
am so full and tired, but it has been a good day. I
have met some wonderful people here. Oh well, I hope
that everyone is having a good Easter.



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