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Friday, April 23, 2004

O.K., I must now say that I am totally sick of seeing
Santa Clause posted everywhere. Every time I see his
face, it feels like a bad Christmas hangover that
simply will not go away. I do not know why they
plaster him in all of their windows and paint him on
the sides of restaurants, but I simply want them to
stop. This is not welcoming sign for westerners. It
simply says that you have not taken down your
decorations. I must say that some store and restaurant
displays are down right tacky, and it just makes me
wonder what in the hell the people were thinking. As
you can tell, I have been feeling a little bitchy
lately. This is caused from feeling sleepy all of the
time, but I really do not know why as there is simply
no reason for me to feel this way. The other reason is
that I am stuck in this damn city another week as I
have been guilted into staying for this f’en English
Party for the students. Normally, I would not mind
going to the pary, but I just learned about it on
Tuesday. Not only am I supposed to go to it, but I am
supposed to help Co-Host it. I just learned this
yesterday. I wanted to say to them, your lucky I am
even coming to the damn thing. I was supposed to go to
Luoyang, but I have canceled my trip, so I ould go to
this event. I guess that it is for the best as it will
help me save money for Yunan. In other news, it is
extremely hot here again. It is almost like there was
no spring. It has simply jumped from Winter to Fall. I
want to say what happened to the medium temperature.
It felt like it was scorching. I almost bought an ice
cream today, I got so hot. I really enjoy the hot
weather, but unfortunately, none of the buildings in
which I teach have air conditioner. Now this makes for
an intresting environment as my classrooms are near
some of the school restrooms. Now, I must say that the
rest rooms stick always, but now that it is hot, the
stinch is starting to seep into the building, and I
could smell it while I was lecturing today. I really
wanted to vomit. I was really glad that my students
wanted to leave early for a student teacher basket
ball game. I was more than ready to leave. I joined
them and watched the game. It was out on the
basketball court which is normally nice, but my
students decided to sit next to the Medical Building.
I am normally fine with this, but the medical building
is where all of the cadavers covered in red blankets
are located, and the students were working on them.
The smell was so awful, I nearly vomited several
times. The smell of fermaldahide and hot was almost
too much. I am terrified to think what will happen
this summer when it really heats up. The campus is
just going to smell awful. I can also tell you that I
have seen the cadavers while walking by, and they are
nasty and purple looking. I think that it is time that
they invest in a cooler for some safer storage. It
makes me wonder what type of diseases are lurking in
that building. I try to avoid it at all costs. Other
than this, I have had a slow day. Walked around the
city, had mutton for lunch, and surfed the net. It was
slow to say the least. Oh well, must go.


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