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Saturday, April 10, 2004

Today has been one of those days where you loose
yourself in the events of the moment at hand. It has
actually been farley busy today. Had to wake-up around
7:oo in order to make it to my 8:00 class which I had
rescheduled for missing on Monday. My students were
happy and Eager, and I smiled at their childhood
memories and words of wisdom. Many of my students are
simply amazing. They have lived and overcome many
obstacles in their lives. The intelligence of their
words constantly ringing in their ears. The words of
two students have been extremely poinient today. The
first said that it is through our occupations and hard
work that we come to know ourselves and find meaning
in our lives as most of our lives are spent at work.
The second one said that it is through our work that
we find our happiness. She looked at me and said
happiness means different things for different people.
For the farmer, happiness is a good crop. For the
merchant, it is a good sell, and for the policeman, it
is a day of peace. I guess that for the teacher, it is
a hard day of work seeing his students eyes brighten
as he fills their imaginations with new thoughts and
ideas. For me, I think that I have done that today. I
taught for four hours straight in the morning. It was
great, but I was very hungry by the time that I
finished. Had a small break and went to my favorite
restaurant. Had a new dish of green beans and pork.
The beans were a little dry, but it was good. Ate
everything up quickly. I then promised my students
that I would go watch an English Movie with them that
they were showing. I thought that it was Legally
Blond, but it ended up being The Princess Diaries
which I actually enjoyed greatly. I had not seen it
before, and it was a very cute story. If you have not
seen it, you should give it a rent, so you can enjoy
it as well. The movie then ended just in time for me
to teach my third class of the day. Since this weekend
is Easter, I spent the first hour lecturing on
traditional American holidays, and I know that we
think that Asians have strange religions, but try
explaining to a group of students from another culture
about a man rising from the dead, an oversized rabbit
which delivers colored boiled eggs to people who then
hide them, people dressing in costumes on Halloween in
order to hide from dead ghosts which might return from
the spirit world, then try to explain to them what a
witch, a vampire, a devil, a demon, a ware wolf, and a
ghost are, then explain how children are rewarded with
candy for dressing this way, top this off with a big
fat old man who wears a red costume and owns a team of
flying deer one of which has a red glowing nose and
try to grasp just how strange some of our beliefs are.
And, we think that their religious practices are
strange. My children actually loved my lecture and
asked me all sorts of questions. Of course, I also
threw in the solstice and 4th of July into my lecture
as well. Now they all know my solstice song which I
wrote ?. I am not sure what future teachers wil
think when the students want to celebrate the solstice
with them. I finished class then went and got one of
those delicious french braided sweet breads and ate it
for super. It was so delicious. I also had one of my
milk/ yougart drinks which are in a rabbit bottle, but
the rabbit looks like it might have rabbies as it has
huge fangs on it. I bought it for Easter. I am just
having it a little earlier. I then came home and
listened to music and waited for some students to
call. We are supposed to go hiking tomorrow. It
should be so much fun. Oh well, I need to go. Hope
that everything is O.K.


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