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Saturday, April 10, 2004

Today has been one of those Magical Days in which one
comes back to that place of sanity from which he
occasionally departs. After taking a break with
reality due to my stress over my travel, credit card,
and life difficulties, I have finally reached that
happy place which exists somewhere between the halls
of stability and chaos in the fathoms of my
imagination. Although I woke up quite bitchy, my mood
would slowly change as I emerged from the cave which I
call an apartment. Like a Bear waking from his
hibernation, I was greeted by the kiss of the sun
which slowly covered my body in a warm and reassuring
embrace. The heat of the rays affirming my belief in
the greatness of nature on the psyches of our minds by
touching the silk strings which pull at the chords of
our emotions. I was in bliss as I walked into the
world in its full glory. The sky was blue, the clouds
were white, the weather was warm, and I was happy.
Sitting in the park, the children played, and the
grandparents smiled. I sat and enjoyed the simple
pleasure which life offers. Wandering around the city,
I became lost in its chaotic jagged edges, slippery
sidewalks, and quilted faces. My journey leading me no
where but taking me everywhere. Having lost track of
time, it was time which became apparent to me through
the growls of an eager and hungry stomach. Wanting to
be fed, I took it to the nearest restaurant.
Rice satisfied the need while Chinese chicken
smothered in bell peppers, peanuts, onions, and
carrots, pleased the palate. Emptying out my coffers,
I now decided to go refill them. The bankers were in,
and my treasury was open. The Credit Card no longer
said no, so I simply said yes. Cash filled my pockets,
and my legs could fill the burn from which the money
was causing. Knowing what had to be done, I journeyed
to the music store and purchased with my soul as my
ears needed something new and uplifting to hear.
Leaving there, my mouth felt as if it had been plagued
by a long drought, and I knew that it was time to
replenish the river of my water bottles. Journeying to
the grocery store, my basket bent under the weight of
an array of refreshing and sweet liquids. By the time
that I had arrived home, it was the bags which had now
bent as they began to cut into the palms of my hands.
Putting everything away, a smile gleamed across my
face as I could find reassurance that food would await
me in the morning. Seeing the hands on the clock, I
knew that it was time to go. Eager faces awaited me,
and I had anticipated them. Childhood was the topic of
the day, and it was a topic which provoked the
Poloaroid of my imagination. Pictures zooming through
my mind like a chaotic silent movie while I enthralled
my listeners with stories from my childhood. Voices in
the back of my mind welling up as images became more
clearer. People frozen in time speaking through me as
if I was their medium. Ghosts of another world trying
to recapture the moment as it had been imprinted into
my memory. My words gave way to theirs. The distances
between our worlds both shrinking and expanding with
the shared and misunderstood reflections of our past
selves. Children played and time passed. The Bell
rang, and we were brought full circle departing as
adults but leaving as childhood friends. My night was
good, but my hair was long. It was time to complete my
metamorphoses. Who else but Chinese Fairies could make
me into a prince. Call it a Queer Eye for the White
Guy. My Magical hairdressers were three Asian Queens
masquerading as barbers. With hair that belonged to
the bubblegum rock bands of the eighties, these boys
had some dues that would stand out in any city. The
blonds hair was big. The redhead had a head full of
long flaming feathered hair, and Mr Blue should have
been blue from that nasty ass jerry curl which he had
going on. Despite their wayward judgements, who could
not respect this sort of individualism. Beeing the
only barbershop in town, I really did not have any
other option. I sat in the chair and watched the
transformation take place. The frilly ends of my hair
disappearing as the scissors and razor sculpted my
hair into perfection. When he had finished cutting, I
was happy and ready to go. However, his finger told me
otherwise. Pointing to the sink, my hair got a good
washing then unfortunately, it also got a teasing.
When he had finished with the comb and blow dryer, it
looked as if I was wearing a helmet. Now, I understand
that Asian Men like big hair, but I am no Asian.
Complete with the sideburns which they gave me, it
looks as if I wanted to revisit the seventies when all
I really wanted was to do was recomb my hair. Luckily,
the due does not look too bad, and with some jell in
the morning, it should look pretty good. Walking home,
I could still feel the warmth of the day. Like one of
those wonderful Spring Nights where the cool breezes
hint of the coming summer, a feeling of ease settled
upon me, and I settled into my bed and wrapped myself
in a blanket of contentment.


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