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Monday, April 12, 2004

Today has been one of those somber days in which one
feels that slight sense depression while returning to
the normalcy which we call reality. I have struggled
with this feeling all of my life, but luckily it
always fades to the background and gets lost in the
shuffle of the day. For some reason, I have felt
extremely exhausted today, but there is no reason for
me to feel this way. I did wake up a little early and
gave my parents to call in order to wish them a Happy
Easter, but I went back to sleep soon after we
finished talking and did not rise again until 8:30. At
that time, I read the news for two hours to catch up
on the events of the world. After taking a long hot
shower, I went out and faced the world. Walked along
the main avenue and went window shopping. I looked at
some Cameras and other items, but I did not find
anything which caught my eye. I did go into a music
store and bought two new C.D.’s. Picked up Averil
Lavine’s Let Go and a two disc set by Sting.
Unfortunately, the C.D. by Sting would not work. I
took it back and exchanged it for two C.D.’s One by
Faith Hill and the other by the Carpenters. I do not
mind the Faith Hill C.D., but the one by the
Carpenters is simply horrible. I had never listened to
them before, but their sound is a little to sugar
coated for me. I had to eject the C.D. after about
five songs. I then went and had the most fantastic
lunch. It was cubed fried pork, and they tasted like
little pork chops, but they were covered in the most
delicious and amazing spice. When I first saw it
sprinkled on it, I thought oh god, that’s a lot of
pepper, but it was not. I am not sure what it was, but
it tasted like heaven in my mouth. I gobbled it down
along with my regular bowl of rice. After eating, it
started raining, I walked down to the indoor market
and enjoyed the rain. It has not rained this hard
since I had been there. Had my big red Badcock’s
umbrella to keep me dry. Nothing like name placement
advertising. Occasionally, I let the rain drops fall
upon my face as I had not felt them in so long. The
sidewalks were extremely slippery while trying to
walk. I have many theories on this. It could be that
all of the tiles are made out of slick marble that is
normally coated in a thick layer of dust, but my own
personal feeling is that it is all of the damn spit
and snot which the people here hock-up and coat the
pavement and sidewalks. Of course it could be all the
piddle from the babys which squat and pee on the
sidewalks. I can only compare this to Melissa’s
experience in Costa Rica where the little boy just
pooped in the yard, but since I did not see the boy in
that village, I am not sure if it is the same.
However, baby’s here are allowed to pee anywhere.
Babys do not where diapers, and there pants all have
big holes in the crotches, so when they need to go,
they simply squat down wherever and let it all loose.
The first time that I saw this, I was actually
shocked, but it is just common place now. I guess that
it is better than having to wear a diaper, but I am
not sure how sanitary that it is. I have not see
babies pooping on the streets yet, but in some of the
flower beds there is poop. When I see this, I often
wonder to myself dog, cat, or child. On another note,
my classes went well today. I think that I am still
the heart throb. All of my students want me to stay
for at least a year. I am not sure if that will happen
or not, but at least, I know that I am loved. My
classes talked about the people that they admire the
most. Although the people ranged from Mao to Bill
Clinton, the average man ruled the day. Most people
talked about a special teacher or their parents or
grandparents. I talked about my Mom and Elanore
Roosevelt. Odd Combination, I know, but that is the
way that it works in my mind. I then told them how
they should all work to become good role models for
their children and future students. I told them to
inspire and touch the life of another person to expand
our knowledge and compassion for it is through these
things which help us find true happiness. Somehow,
this ended with me singing the Circle of Life from The
Lion King for one of my students. I am not sure how
that happened, but I did and they enjoyed it. Oh well,
it was a good day, and I have enjoyed the rain.



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