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Friday, April 23, 2004

Today has been wonderful, but it has also been a
little too busy and crazy. I woke up this morning
around seven o’clock and showered then dressed. I ate
a piece of cake and drank some milk then waited on my
company to arrive. The man and his wife got here then
we took a Taxi to The Summer Resort. He knew the gate
keeper who then snuck us into the park. It was simply
stunning. There is a huge lake and the air is so fresh
and cool. The lake weaves and curves all over the
area. There are many temples then the mountains are
stunning as they are covered with trees. It is one of
the most beautiful places that I have been. There are
many deer. I was surprised when a huge ten point buck
crossed the hill right in front of me. He was very
large. There are many rock formations throughout the
park, along with many temples and shrines. My favorite
are the hotel rooms that are Mongolian tents which you
can rent for the night. There are also many Asian
boats and paddle boats which you can rent and wander
around the lake. The man and his wife showed me around
and we took lots of pictures. The park was very large
and we strolled around as quickly as we could since we
both had something to do by 2:00. I was stunned by its
grandeur and can not wait to get my annual pass, so I
can go visit the park every morning for my exercise. I
believe that it will help me regain my sanity. There
was a lot of construction as they are rebuilding man
of the sites. Most were destroyed in the thirties as
the Japanese army invaded and burnt many of the
temples and cut down the trees. Apparently, the
Japanese left a wave of destruction in their path and
toted off many priceless Chinese works of art. After
several hours there, we left then they took me to
lunch. We had a huge feast. There was cabbage with a
special sauce, lobster soup, porridge, something like
a gyro, sweet and sour pork, and these pancakes that
were stuffed with red sugar. There was so much food,
and we gorged ourselves. It was fabulous. We talked,
and they are getting ready to go to Beijing to take
their entrance exam for nurology school. I was very
impressed, so they did not have a lot of time. I
wished them luck then came home. I did some cleaning
and tried to figure out my internet mess which did not
seem to be getting solved. I took some clothes to the
dry cleaners then went to meet with Mr. Who which is
the person who I will be going to Yunan with. He was
very excited, and we talked. I then went and asked
Laura to help me. She said that they had just fixed
the server, and it should be working. I was skeptical,
but she was correct. At that point, I asked her to try
and book me some plane tickets to Yunan. She tried
several companies, but I am not sure how well it was
working. It was quite expensive, so I will have to
wait and see. I left there and went to teach my four
o’clock class, but they were all busy working on a
science experiment for another class since it is
sports week, and they will be off on Thursday and
Friday. There were four students. I invited them to my
apartment, and I answered their questions and let them
listen to English music. They left then I went to my
second class, and it was great. They showed me many
traditional Chinese art forms. I learned some Tai Gee,
Kung Fu, different Dances, Oragami, these beautiful
lanterns, and clay figurines, different songs, a girl
played her bamboo pipe, and I learned how to make a
kite from Bamboo. It was a lot of fun. The kids seemed
to enjoy it. I talked afterwards with many of them
then came home and chilled out. I will see tomorrow
what the damage of my tickets to Yunan will be. Sorry
for the delay in e-mails, but I guess that you know
how e-mail troubles can be.


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