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Friday, April 23, 2004

Today, I took a vacation from myself and enjoyed the
company of several of my fellow teachers. After having
a night of vivid dreams, I woke-up a little confused
as to were I was, but I eventually figured it out then
hoped out of bed and started my water for a shower.
After eating some cake for breakfast, I did some
cleaning and showered then journeyed to Laura’s office
to find out about my plane reservations to Yunnan. She
told me that they were booked, but I needed to go to
Beijing on Saturday and pay for them. I was happy as I
did not have to use my credit card, and I do not mind
going as I was planning on going to Beijing anyways. I
then came home and one of my fellow teachers came
over. He and I then went to the experiment building
and played Ping Pong in the break room. I was actually
farley excited as I had not been in the building
before. It was so clean and cool. We hiked up to the
top floor and enjoyed a game of Ping Pong. The table
was so nice. I did O.K., but I am sure that he took it
easy with me. Over handed tennis does not work well
again underhanded tennis. All Chinese use the
underhanded style. We had a lot of fun and played for
about two hours. We just enjoyed the sport. He then
offered to take me out to dinner. Two of his roommates
joined us, and we went to a restaurant nearby. I liked
it as its Menus had pictures on them. We had a huge
fast of mushroom soup that was delicious. The
mushrooms were not normal thought they were very tiny
thin and white. I had never seen them before. We also
had an amazing ham that was marinated in special
spices, then we had some dishes that none of us liked.
This included fish skin, raw octopus, some and some
nasty roots. But we also ordered some fabulous
chicken, and I chose a wonderful desert which looked
liked cut up apples but was actually dough that had
been covered in gram crackers and cinnamon. Chinese
people eat so many dishes. The food here is so
diverse. I will not even have had one percent of the
dishes here when I leave, and I try something new all
of the time. We then left, and I came home. I then
went and cashed my paycheck at the school bank, so I
could go buy my plane tickets. I came home and watched
an old American movie with Claire Danes and Freedie
Prinz Jr. That was an odd combination. Then, I went
and talked with Mr. Who about Yunnan. We were both
extremely excited. I spent most of the afternoon there
as my students called and canceled my 4:00 class as
they were preparing for sports day. Sort of like home
coming, but all of the students participate in
different events. Mr. Who and I started to plan out
our trip and dreamed of different places that we would
go. I am so excited. It is odd to go traveling with
someone whom you really do not know, but he seems nice
enough and all of the teachers and students have great
respect for him. I then went and taught my 7:00
students who asked me questions for two hours since
they did not prepare their assignments. They said that
it was sports week. They are very curious about
everything. They asked me a lot about politics, but
some of them were uncomfortable, so I changed the
subject. They were very curious about American views
of China. Some had spoken with people on Chat lines
and had been offended. Most people do not understand
the human rights issues because they do not experience
human rights violations as those occur in areas on the
borders where they never hear or see of them, so when
people tell them how horrible in China is, I can see
why they get a little upset. In saying this, I really
have not seen any human rights violations either.
Granted I have not been to any of the remote locations
either. Other than this, we had a wonderful
discussion. They convinced me to go to the sports meet
with them tomorrow, so I better go as it starts at
8:00 A.M. in the morning. Till next time.


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