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Friday, April 23, 2004

Well, I am back in the Big City. I am glad to get away
for a day or two as I need it. My day has been farely
well though I am a little tried, but I am not quite
sure why. Woke up around seven then packed my bag.
Took a quick shower, dressed then headed out the door.
Caught a Taxi to the train station then caught the bus
to Beijing. The ride was very beautiful as all of the
Mountains are starting to turn green. It makes
everything look totally different. Unfortunatly, I do
not care for being on a bus for five hours. I sat in
the front seat which was nice as it allowed me to have
leg room. The bus only stops once for a bathroom
break, and you better go while you have the chance.
Unfortunatly, if you go and your a white guy using a
trough, all of the Chinese men will come stand beside
you to look at what a white penis looks like. This
does not bother me, but it is a little awkward to have
everyone staring at you while you are peeing.
Enentually, we We got to Beijing, and I convinced the
driver to drop me off at the subway. Caught it to the
hostel and booked it for two nights. I then went and
droped off my film to be developed. At that point, I
had planned on going to a temple. Caught the subway
but somehow ended up getting lost. At some point, I
said screw it, went back to the subway and went to
Wefung Street. I looked around a bunch of tourist
shops and different markets. I then went to the fast
food market and had fried noodles and fried dumplings.
They were both wonderful. I walked around a garden on
the side of the forbiden city. It was so beautiful. At
some point, I met three Chinese girls who wanted to
practice their English. We talked and I taught them
songs. We ended up going to the old city and drinking
tea at a traditional tea bar. I had crysantumum tea.
Yes, it is made from the flower. Somehow I ended up
buying a canaster of it. Afterwards, they wanted to go
to a movie, but the movies here are rediculous, so I
said that I was tired and came back to the hostel. I
met a Danish guy who is doing Anthropology on Modern
Budhism in China. I am not sure how well that it going
since he does not speak Chinese, but I wish him the
best of luck. I have had some intresting experiences
with Buddhist devotes to say the least. Oh well, it is
late, and I have a lot to do tomorrow. Talk to you


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