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Sunday, May 09, 2004

Every time that I get into a vehicle in China, I begin
to understand the fragility with which we travel
through life. I can honestly say that riding in a car
or bus here has been on the most scariest things that
I have done in my life and that is no exaggeration. I
guess that if you can not tell, I came back to my
apartment today. I had planned on taking the train,
but after getting very sick last night, I decided to
sleep in and take the bus instead. I feel better now,
but after hearing about the sars outbreak in Beijing,
I am a little terrified. The number of cases has now
jumped to four. This could ruin my travel plans next
week. They are planning on taking the temperature of
all of the passengers leaving the airport. I am flying
to Kunming. They will only take my temperature if they
have a new damn thermometer to stick in my mouth. Oh
well, if you have any info on Sars and its symptoms
will you send it to me. After waking up, I went down
to the subway and caught it to the closest terminal to
the bus station. I then got on the back of a motorized
tricycle that took me to the station. I got there just
as the bus was pulling out the gate. The man screamed
Chengde, and I screamed back yes. They stopped and let
me on. I sat in the from seat which I like as it give
me leg room. Unfortunately, it also lets me see
everything that is happening. I tried to watch the
movies, but when the bus slams on brakes, it can be
hard to concentrate. It was raining outside, and the
roads were very slick. We passed about three wrecks.
One was really bad. Also, you could see where there
had been about three new recent rock slides. On top of
this, all of the crazy driving is a lot to have to
take in on your journey home. I diverted my attention
to three movies. The first was a futuristic action
movie staring Jackie Chan. It was a little like an
Asian Terminator. I also watched Charles Angles and
another movie about a girl and her giant snake. It was
an odd 80’s ScFi Chinese Film. I was glad when we got
here. Oz had not changed much, just a little bit damp
from the rain. I unpacked then went and had a huge
helping of this amazing chicken fried in a skillet
with rice. It was delicious. I then restocked my
supplies at the grocery store. Feeling a little dirty
after the bus ride, I took a long hot shower and
listened to the Vines and the New Norah Jones C.D.
Both are very good as is the Rolling Stones Forty
Licks C.D. I love cheap C.D.’s. Other than this, I
spent the day trying to apply for jobs, but having
Internet troubles as I can not access websites or
download the forms I need. This should be intresting.
Please send me some info on sars. I may get a mask
before I leave on Friady. Talk to you later,


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