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Tuesday, May 11, 2004


Today was one of those slow days in one makes that
transition from week of fun filled fantasy back into
the drudgery of everyday life and work. I did not mind
this too much as I was rather tired, and it was a
beautiful day outside. I was very happy to get my
things unpacked and sent to the dry cleaners in order
to get them cleaned. Especially, my very dirty and
nasty jeans which I had been wearing for over nine
days. I was happy to peel them off and put on a pair
of shorts. My legs have not seen day light for over
two weeks now. They were happy to get some light I
reassure. I managed to get some groceries to restock
my bare cupboards, so I now have some food to eat.
Although, I must admit I normally just go to the
restaurant and eat as I did this afternoon. I had
mutton. I have been attempted to try cat or dog, but
Mr. Who told me that cat does not have enough meat,
and he said that dog is too strong. He told me that if
you ate too much dog that it would make your nose
bleed. I did not believe him at first, but every time
I eat any meat here, my nose always runs. I think that
it is because of the spices though. There are many
types of dishes here that I simply will not try. Mr.
Who said that Chinese will eat anything. He kept going
on and on about what they will eat. It sounded a lot
like a southern food conversation, and I will be
honest I was tempted to say collard greens, corn
bread, grits, catfish, and opossum, but I did not
think that he would understand. My classes went farley
well today. My first class was actually small enough
that I invited them to my apartment to look at
souvenirs and postcard. I am not sure if I will do
that again. They kind of went crazy when they saw
everything, and you know how I get about my pictures.
Some of my students took journeys, most stayed in
Chengde, and others went home. I have been more aware
of their financial constraints after talking with some
people about what they make. Mr. Who told me that he
only makes 1000 Yuan a month, and he told me that most
people make between 100 and 500 Yuan a month. Some
only make up to 50 a month. This just floored me and
made me feel guilty about how much I am making. He
told me that the officials of the college make most of
the money, and they really do nothing at all. He said
that they are the ones who set the price controls. I
told him that he should start a union, but he said
that they had one, but the leader was chosen by the
college board, so it made no difference. They just
paid the leader extra money, and he makes no waves. I
went no further after this, although I told him that
maybe they should try to choose their own leader. I
wanted to tell him to strike, but I do not want to
cause any waves for the people that I have met or get
anyone in trouble. I really do have a lot of guilt
about my money, but I have been trying to pump it all
back into the economy, so I guess that it is good in
that sense. This is probably me trying to relive my
liberal guilt, Common among most liberal people. Other
than these small topics not much really happened, but
I prefer it that way. Just life moving at its slow
pace. However, I am sure that I will be ready for it
to speed up by the end of the week. Oh well, I must
get ready to face the day.



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