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Sunday, May 09, 2004

Well, being in Beijing has been a nice get away, but I
am very tired. One does not realize how tireing
traveling can be until their touring around a country
where they can not speak the language. I think that it
is all of the unconcious stress that just wears you
out. Unfortunatly, after you get tired, it starts to
become concious stress. Today was actually not bad. I
have just been trying to relax and enjoy myself. Woke
up farely early and hiked down to the grocrey store
and bought two types of biscuits and peach juice. I
sat on the side walk and had my breakfeast as I watch
everyone pass by. The leaves are so green and
beautiful here as is the grass. It makes me think of
home. After eating, I went down to Fugimen station and
walked to the White Dagoba Temple. I looked around.
Saw a man throuwing water all over the temples. He was
walking in a clockwise direction as he circle the
temple. He was chanting and purifying the shrine. It
was farely neat. There were also these little musroom
shaped incense or clay ornaments that were place all
around the main Dagoba in order to help protect it. It
was very intresting looking. I stayed for awhile then
left and wandered around a bunch of Hutongs. The alley
ways and homes are very beautiful to look at. They
just do not smell to wonderful. I then went C.D.
shoping at two different stores. Bought a Beatles,
Rolling Stones and Norah Jones new C.D. for a total of
four dollars. I like this cheap C.D. stuff. I could
get used to this. I then caught the sub to the next
station and hoped on a Taxi to go pick up my plane
tickets to Yunnan. I bought them which I am happy
about then walked back to the subway and started to
the hostile. I picked up some film that I had
developed. Eight more roles of it. The pictures turned
out nice except one role that was Fugi. It was a
little messed up but not too bad. Hopefully all the
others will turn out fine when I go to develop them.
(Knock on Wood). I then decided to go to eat. Had
fried Egg PLant stuffed with pork. It was not too bad
just a little greasy. At that point, I went and looked
around an indoor market and bought a few souvineers
for the family. I am trying to widle my list down some
more. At least as much as I can. At that point, I was
tired, so I came back to the hostel and watched a
very gorey Japaneese Film. The hero was a heroine
Samuri who slayed everyone. It was a Japaneese Kill
Bill. Very Bloody. I did some reading and wandered
around then decided to turn in as I was tired. I love
traveling, but it takes a lot out of you. You have to
constantly think about every little thing in order to
make sure that everything goes correctly. Oh well, I
must go. Talk with you later,


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