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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Thursday: An Early Morning But a Good Day!
Despite being woken at 6:00 A.M. for the second
morning in a row with a phone call from Toy Man, my
day has proved to be quite wonderful. To be honest
though, Toy Man is about to drive me out of my damn
mind. Although thinking it quite funny when he calls
and wakes me, the expression on my face is anything
but humorous. Excitement can go to far, and at this
point, he has become a little too overzealous.
Granted, he has been working on this toy for eighteen
years and is probably very excited as I am the first
person to show interest in it, but one needs to show a
little reserve in knowing when not to intrude on a
friends private life. When he showed up at my door
step at 8:00, my first thoughts were why in the hell
do you keep coming to my home. Although slightly
perturbed, the visit proved not to be too bad after
convincing him to fix my washing machine. He even took
me to play a couple of rounds of Ping Pong at a near
by club which was quite fun. After bringing me home, I
took a quick shower and zipped off an e-mail then
headed up to the campus gates to meet Lynn. She is a
beautiful young woman who is studying Chinese Medicine
and speaks the best English of any person that I have
heard in China. Lynn is one of three students who has
a crush on me. When we met, she was all decked out in
a traditional Chinese red dress that set off her face
and hair. She was a true knockout. Accompanied by her
room mate, we headed down to a nearby restaurant for
dumpling. Ordering some beef dumpling, we scarfed down
on the traditional favorites while we talked. Lynn has
a desire to be the leading traditional Chinese medical
Doctor in all of China and hopes of spreading its
theories throughout the world. Beyond being quite
intelligent, she is also one of the few young people
that I have met who believes in some form of religious
ideology. She tends to find Western men quite
attractive, but most of them that she has met has only
been interested in one thing. She tends to think that
all Americans are obsessed with sex and have nothing
substantial to offer to the rest of the world. She
says that I have been a welcome change for her. Lynn
and her companion were quite the pair. The city girl
and the county girl. Lynn's friend was also quite
beautiful and intelligent. When she is finished with
her degree, she wants to go back to her Province and
become the Governor in order to help her people. She
really enjoys politics, and with any hope, she will
get elected and make some substantial changes. Sitting
next to one another, it was really odd to look at
them, you could really tell that one was from the city
and the other from the county. Their looks and styles
reflecting their different styles and upbringing.
Leaving the restaurant, we talked, and I gave them
both presents earlier. Lynn had given me some gifts
that she had made for me yesterday, and she slipped me
a love note. Although she did not come out and say it
in the letter, it was not hard to read between the
lines. It was very sweet and quite wonderful to say
the least. She is a great writer as well. One of the
gifts that she gave me was a beautiful jade fat
bellied Buda. She wrote in her letter that the Buda is
called Milefo, and he controls peoples happiness and
laughter. He has a big belly, so he can bear all the
sorrows, unfairness, bitterness, resentment, and
prejudice in the world. He always smiles, and she gave
him to me to bless me forever. There were a lot of
other beautiful words as well, and I will never forget
her. Bidding her goodbye for the afternoon, the rest
of my day was spent buying a tea set for my nieces and
a China set for my mother. Afterwards, I spent several
hours labeling everything so it can be shipped through
the mail. Customs sounds like a big hassle, but
hopefully everything will make it through when I ship
the boxes. Going to my class this afternoon, it was a
no go as the students had a big experiment that they
were all working on. This allowed me to go out and
enjoy the night life. Everything is so different
during the evening. All of the old men and women
gather together on the street corners with their
drums, scares, and fans then dance to the percussion
as it pounds out a rhythm. It really is something to
see. Different street vendors line the sidewalks, and
the city square is filled with dancers as the large
overhead T.V blares out music and teaches the people
how to dance. The square is filled with every walk of
life as they play shuttle cock, dance, sing, and have
a good time. Every night is like this as Chinese
people simply try to enjoy themselves and their lives
the best that they can. Coming home, the day had
proven to be quite wonderful, and hopefully my weekend
will go just as well. Talk to you in several days,


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