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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Tuesday: Saying Goodbye

Getting Claire off to the train station this morning,
it was quite an early start for me as I am not
accustomed to waking up at 5:00 in the morning.
Feeling quite sad, we hugged for awhile then said
goodbye as she boarded the train. It has been an
amazing three days, and I would not trade them for
anything in the world. Coming home, the apartment
seemed so lonely and empty. Finding all of the notes
that she had left for me, it was nice to read them and
fill the emptiness that had been left behind. Needing
to get out of the house, I walked down to the Mountain
Resort for the Dragon Boat Festival. Vendors were
selling both types of Zonza. The ones in bamboo and
the other kind is wrapped in lotus leaves. The dish is
a very sticky rice that is then rolled and coated in
sugar. Quite delicious. The people were also selling
many of the traditional crafts that are used during
the celebration. These include red paper and plastic
gourds which hang from the ceiling for luck. As well
as different string ornaments which are supposed to
bring fortune and luck. There were also the branches
of a plant which they all carried and hung in their
windows during the evening. Many of them wore it in
their hair. It smelled quite wonderful. Walking around
the lake, I had hoped to see some races but none were
being performed. Feeling tired, I came back home then
started cleaning up my apartment. It was filthy and
took several hours. Too much dirt caused from all of
the mud and rain of the last several days. Many of the
street have been coved and caked in huge piles of mud
as the streets are quite frequently turned into small
raging rivers within minutes of a downpour. Getting
most of the house straightened, it felt sad and
silent. Claire told me that houses which are too clean
seem to be dead. They have no life within them, and my
apartment seemed dead for the first time in awhile.
Needing to escape, I took another long walk then went
to my 4:30 class. We had a wonderful discussion, but
at around 5:30 a huge storm blew threw, and it
unleashed a torrential downpour. As the lightning and
wind rattled the windows and broke glass, I decided to
start home. It was too much. All of the stairs and
sidewalks were gushing rivers as the water flowed down
the side of the mountain. My pants and shirt were
drenched. When I got to the street, they were all
coved in about three feet of water. Wading through the
rushing river, I finally made it to my apartment and
dried off. My students then called and canceled my
second class. However, within an hour, the sky had
cleared and the waters slowly receded from the
streets. It was crazy, After a nice walk, Claire
called, and we talked then I said goodbye and headed
off to bed. Sad and a little lonely. Where has my
world gone!



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