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Monday, July 12, 2004

Monday: Packing Preparations!
Today most of my time has been consumed by taking some time to make my journey home as soon as possible. My
morning was farley slow as I slept in until 8:00 being extremely exhausted from a late evening last night. Waiting for the water to warm, I decided to take a hike to the Mountain Resort in the meantime. On the way there, I ran into Dragon lady. She was quite surprised as I was not meant to return until today. She had wanted me to stay in Chengde for the weekend to teach some classes, but this was not happening. I am teaching four classes from 8:00 to 12:00 for the next four days. Not quite sure how this happened, but at least, I have been promised 800 Yuan for the task. Feeling quite tired, she went home, and I continued on my journey. Took lots of photos of fruit sellers as they are very much part of my image of China. One was angered, but I simple ignored him and continued on my way. Walking through the resort, it was nice and relaxing, but time cut my enjoyment short and I headed home and enjoyed my wonderful shower. Afterwards, I took C.D.¡¯S, Negatives, Photos, and my Journal to Laura to get her to write me letters to customs in order to explain that they are safe and harmless. This has been a great worry of mine as my journal is quite important to me. It is the eleventh volume which I have kept daily, so it is important as it captures all of my memories and emotions. The photos, negatives, and C.D.¡¯s are important as well mainly because they help me explain the essence and beauty of what is China. After this, Laura and I went to lunch at a nice restaurant. Had some wonderful cabbage and eggplant thought it was a little expensive. We had a nice desert as well of sticky rice filled with bean paste and covered in Coconut. After lunch, she went home, and I came back and did some research on my trip to Sichuan. At three, I had went to talk with her again, but she was not there. Coming back home, one of my students showed to check out my photos before she left. We had a nice discussion then other students came and took my negatives for those photos. This is going to end in a huge fight with students form other classes, but they can figure out the problem between themselves. We walked up to class to check on my class, but no one showed. Later some students stopped by to apologize, but it did not matter. Laura said that it was not necessary for them to have one. The rest of my evening I walked around the Mountain Resort and enjoyed myself. Tomorrow unfortunately will be a long day of classes. Not looking forward to it, but I will at least get some money. Talk to everyone later.


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